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Buddhi is one of the four spokes of the mind that appears in the Yoga Sutras. It’s a feminine Sanskrit word that refers to the tool of intellect and discernment.

The Buddhi Blog was spawned while sweating it out on the floor of CITYOGA‘s morning Mysore Ashtanga classes. Emma wanted a place to connect with the internet hive mind and discuss her journey in the realm of yoga and beyond.

Write like a mofo.

Thanks to the Rumpus for the mug!

Emma Hudelson is a writer, adjunct professor, and Ashtanga practitioner. She learned Primary Series with Amanda Markland in Indianapolis and is learning Second Series with Taylor Hunt in Columbus, Ohio. She’s been vegan for five years, much to the dismay of her four dogs and two cats, who have had to get used to the smell of tofu instead of steak. A dedicated Ashtangi, Emma believes in parampara, tristana method, and the power of mula bandha. She wants to spread the gospel of Ashtanga and help people understand that it’s truly a practice that can fit any body, any age, and any fitness level.

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  1. Hi Emma,

    I’m an ashtangi in Cincinnati, I was also wondering if it would be alright for me to email you! Mainly with questions about community and just cuz I love your blog.


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